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We are living in times of uncertainty, when we have to make decisions of what is crucial and what is extra.
This year we have a unique opportunity to teach our children the importance of their Jewish education.

Our children are watching us make these choices and are learning from us what their priorities should be.

Choosing to give our children a Jewish education sends them a powerful message.

At Chabad Hebrew School we are fully committed to giving your children the quality Jewish educational experience they have come to know and love.

The safety of our students is our first priority. We will be strictly following all COVID-19 related guidelines from local health officials.

Here’s our plan: Hebrew School Pods

We are moving from a traditional classroom setting to a versatile learning model called Hebrew School by You.

You choose the time, location, and topic, find some friends (if you’d like), and we provide experienced educators and dynamic content. You choose what works best for your child. That’s the short answer. For details, check out our FAQs section!

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